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Sunday saw yet another abysmal performance from “Moyes Boys” at Old Trafford, with three crucial points heading down the drain after Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Fulham. So poor was United’s performance that plenty leaving the stadium expressed a belief that the Premier League champions may now be due a ‘proper manager’ at the helm.

Replacing Moyes is now a question on many supporters lips, with some asking how the Scot can expect to keep his job when United has lost 40 per cent of  home games this season. Effectively out of the race for a top four place and with it Champions League qualification, some fans now believe that United must now regroup under a new manager; one with a better understanding of the game and more tactical nous than David Moyes. It may be unlikely, but should the Glazer family fire Moyes, enter the candidates:

Guus Hiddink
The 67-year-old Dutchman was recently fired by crazy Anzhi Makhachkala owner Suleyman Kerimov, and is thus available on the market as a short-term fix. The vastly experienced manager is known for his attacking sensibility and holds Premier League experience after leading Chelsea to an FA Cup final win in 2009 with an impressive  74 per cent win record after taking over from Luis Felipe Scolari. United couldn’t benefit  from this maagerial great in the long-term as he will take over the Netherlands national side after this summer’s World Cup.

Likelihood: 7/10
Rant score: 10/10
Current job: Unemployed
History: PSV Eindhoven, Fenerbahçe, Valencia, Netherlands, Real Madrid, Real Betis, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Chelsea, Turkey, Anzhi Makhachkala

Giovanni Trapattoni
The 74-year-old Italian is still going strong, proving like United’s former manager that age really is a state of mind. Trapattoni is available after the leaving is post as manager of the Republic of Ireland in September. A great player in the sixties with AC Milan, Trapattoni speaks four languages – with certain charming mistakes – and is one of the most decorated managers in history. He has won 10 league titles – in four countries – and all three major European club titles. Perhaps the fiery Italian could transform United’s season?

Likelihood: 5/10
Rant score: 6/10
Current job: Unemployed
History: Milan, Juventus, Inter, Bayern Munich, Cagliari, Fiorentina, Italy, Benfica, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Republic of Ireland

Ryan Giggs
A part of the current playing squad, 40-year-old Giggs is the only active player in the world who holds every single coaching badge available including the UEFA Pro Elite badge. Could the most decorated player in world football begin his managerial career as United’s version of Pep Guardiola? Certainly his peers would respect Giggs many times more than they seem to respect United’s current manager. And perhaps Giggs would do the sensible thing and hire a few decent coaches to help him out at Carrington!

Likelihood: 9/10
Rant score: 6/10
Current job: Player-coach, Manchester United
History: Manchester United

Laurent Blanc
Former United fan favourite ‘Larry White’ is a keen student of the game and has already shaken up the French league by winning the title with underdog Bordeaux in 2009 – much like Sir Alex Ferguson did with Aberdeen thirty years ago in Scotland. The 48-year-old, nicknamed Le Président, would relish the chance to manage United, but won’t come cheap as he is under contract with mega-rich Paris Saint-Germain.

Likelihood: 2/10
Rant score: 9/10
Current job: Paris Saint-Germain
History: Bordeaux, France, Paris Saint-Germain

Slaven Bilic
Charismatic Croatian rock ‘n’ roll manager Bilic speaks fluent English and holds a law degree. Bilic spent six years as manager of Croatia and has a record of inspiring his teams, while offering few dire excuses. After a successful stint as national team manager he is perhaps ready for the step up to a bigger challenge having frequently been linked to jobs in England.

Likelihood: 1/10
Rant score: 5/10
Current job:
History: Hajduk Split, Croatia, Lokomotiv Moscow, Beşiktaş

Ole Gunnar Solskjær
Ole has set about charming the Sky Sports presenters, is highly focused and chews gum incessantly on the sidelines during matches. Does the Babyfaced Assassin remind you of anybody? Finally back in the Premier League, where he surely belongs, there are few willing to bet against Solskjær achieving at least relative success with Cardiff City. Named Olegend by his peers in the Old Trafford dressing room, the 40-year-old would love to take charge of United.

Likelihood: 2/10
Rant score: 7/10
Current job: Cardiff City
History: Molde, Cardiff City

Jurgen Klopp
Klopp holds a diploma in Sport Science and a liking for heavy metal – just a couple of the master motivator’s traits. There’s never a dull moment around with Brick Top, and neither with his attacking Borussia Dortmund side. Klopp secured two league titles on the trot in 2011 and 2012, which is a phenomenal achievement given just how many players Dortmand have lost in recent years, including to hated rivals Bayern Munich. Fed up with the German press’ favouritism of Munich, and a lack of funds to keep his players – such as Japanese playmaker Shinji Kagawa – Klopp could yet be tempted to take the reigns at United.

Likelihood: 4/10
Rant score: 9/10
Current job: Borussia Dortmund
History: 1. FSV Mainz 05, Borussia Dortmund

Jupp Heynckes
The German genius managed to get ego-centric players such as Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery tp honour their defensive duties at Bayern Munich, with the side claiming a treble in Heynckes’ last season with the club. Heynckes was a marvellous striker in his pomp in the ’70s, winning both the European Championship and the World Cup. Now 68-years-old, Heynckes deserves another stint at the very top even though Munich wanted somebody younger. Let the Bavarians’ loss be United’s gain!

Likelihood: 5/10
Rant score: 9/10
Current job: Retired
History: Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bayern Munich, Athletic Bilbao, Eintracht Frankfurt, Tenerife, Real Madrid, Benfica, Schalke 04, Bayer Leverkusen

Eric Cantona
Mr Cool would do anything for United and therein lies at least one problem: there’s little chance Ed Woodward and the Glazer family would sanction free bird Cantona’s appointment as boss. Imagine what Eric might publicly say about the club’s state of affairs and the bean-counters in charge? And picture Luis Suarez back at Old Trafford in March, with Eric once literally kicking racism out of football! Eric was most recently sporting director at the New York Cosmos, but has said that he’d love to manage United. At least fans could expect some impressive attacking displays!

Likelihood: 1/10
Rant score: 9/10
Current job: Unemployed
History: France (beach), New York Cosmos (Director of Soccer)

Sir Alex Ferguson
“I enjoy watching them play”, said United’s former manager of his former players. But how long can the Master sit tight and watch his successor ruin 27 years of hard work? Sir Alex is still very much active, and has travelled to almost all of United’s away games this season, in addition to holding a book tour, a lecture tour and giving countless interviews. Ferguson’s energy and enthusiasm will seemingly never diminish. Please come back, Sir, United might need you more now than we did in 1986!

Likelihood: 3/10
Rant score: 10/10
Current job: Retired
History: East Stirlingshire, St. Mirren, Aberdeen, Manchester United

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  1. Bringing in SAF back would be even worse than keeping thie Incompetent one around. Let us not please forget that it is SAF himself who passed on Mourinho (who quite frankly can never be spoken of in the same sentence as the the Chosen Idiot, in terms of managerial abilities) so as to bring his own compatriot.
    I believe he is much too smart to have taught Moyes could do the job when the whole world knew he was just another average coach. So the possibility is the great man was having a bout of senile behaviour which is highly unlikely. OR He did it out of pure disregard for the club and only wanting to show the world Man Utd is good only because of him.
    I wont put this past SAF, for all he has done for the club, we all know he is a cynical individual. This was good when the club and his intrests align but now we are at the other end of his legacy. If you doubt this go look what his former captain Roy Keane has said about him, ruthless (on The best of enemies). We the fans and the club are now the Keegans, the Benitezs etc of Fergusons legacy. I have to say it stinks to be on the other side of his wrath.

    1. I was thinking about the same.
      SAF is guilty 99%.
      If he knew in December that he would retire, them he needed to search for a better man.
      Guardiola was available on Dec. In January Bayeen announced that Pep will be their next coach.
      So i was wondering IF… If only… SAF is trying to show how valuable he was.
      We all know and we dont deny!
      Sorry but thats what i think.

      1. I doubt Guardiola was available in December. Bayern announced him as manager in January but they always work well in advance and would have had it sewn up for some time. Fergie actually went to NY to talk to Guardiola, obviously to sound out interest in the United job but Pep probably knew he’d have a better set up at Munich and had already decided.
        Juergen Klopp for me. Has the charisma and personality you need to manage United. He’d get everyone excited again.

    1. I think Jurgen Klopp would be a very good choice for Manchester United Manager, Good average manager as David Moyes may be, he does not have the tactical attacking flair that is needed to be in charge of a Club the size and status of Manchester United, not since the 1940s
      when the German Airforce dropped bombs on and made a real mess of Old Trafford, have Germans made a real impact in Manchester, apart from that wonderful courageous German Goalkeeper Bert Troughtman, who played the last 20 minutes of a cup final with a broken neck
      for Manchester City, perhaps now is the time to review that situation, David Moyes has spent 65 million pounds on two players? one he plays out of position Mata, the other Fellaini well the jury is still out on if he is good enough for Manchester United,
      The papers state he has been given 200 million pounds to build a new squad at Manchester United, wonderful if true? but what use is it if you don’t have have the tactical skill to use the talent that you acquire correctly, Yes i do think Jurgen Klopp would be a good replacement, if the board do decide to remove David Moyes,
      And now to answer some of those all knowing Manchester United fans who like to ridicule fans who happen to live overseas, no matter where you live in the World, we are all supporters of the best football team on the planet i believe and should be respected, i have been referred to as a foreign plastic fan by certain fans who would still wear an overcoat if their Arse was on fire,
      I was born and raised in Greater Manchester before moving overseas to live in Australia, i was watching Manchester United Games before 90% of these Morons who love to point the finger and ridicule other fans were even born, Wonderful memories Great day at the footy,
      Win or lose, then stop off at Belle Vue for the saturday night dance, and pick up a young lady to walk home and enjoy a little slap and tickle, Great times – great friends-
      and Great Memories, Nothing like a United win, and a hot potato pie on a frosty night WOW.

  2. As long as Ferguson and Charlton are there then we will not get a new manager, even though its the right move now. Ferguson doesn’t like to admit he is wrong and has made a mistake, and sacking Moyes would be that. Also Charlton will probably be against us hiring a foreign manager because it would represent change.

    Moyes does not have the tactical skills needed to be the manager of Man Utd. Football is changing and we are being left well behind. The way we played today was embarrassing with the style of play. I mean the constant crosses like we are playing in the 90’s. Do we have some big centre forward on the pitch that I cannot see?

    Moyes is a good man and did a good job at Everton. The problem is that he was solid and never spectacular. He ran a solid football club and made good signings, but he never won a trophy or did anything amazing. I think everyone liked the idea of a British manager getting a chance, but it has been a disaster.

    I do not see getting to the end of the season, and then spending a £100-200 million, as solving our problems. The problem is that Moyes does not have a style of play, and if he does, then its terrible and involves playing football from the stone age. I think the proof is in how he uses Mata. Why did he sign him? Just because he was available? I don’t think Moyes knows he was going to use him because he can’t seriously think he is a winger.

    We need a new manager but we are not going to get it. I think the whole Moyes project will go on for another 2 maybe 3 seasons, but ultimately it will not be that successful. He might get us back in the top 4 next season, but we will not be serious title challengers.

    1. On the nail!…..but the pressure will be on after Palace beat us……and I am fully expecting a thrashing from Arsenal……..Meulensen out thought and prepared than the ‘Unlucky One’…..or as I refer to him….the cancer

        1. Please, just stop supporting United. We don’t need your type. I don’t mind people who want change. I do too. But have some bloody respect.

          1. Agree with WelshMajor.

            After 23 years with incredible success, both domestic and in Europe, a lot of supportere are calling for Moyes
            head. Its insane.

            The abuse Moyes is getting from some supporters
            Is a disgrace. Moyes is an exellent manager who is
            highly respected for his ability to handle the players,
            operate in the marked and for hos passion. Unfortunatly hes got the hardest job in football and every sane
            Supporter should see and understand this.

            This is difficult times, and Moyes is not free from
            blame, but ffs get a grip and some perspective
            and get behind the team and manager.

          2. I’m sorry, are you in from the bar?

            Moyes is not “highly respected” or anything like it. The man’s never won anything. To say nothing of the multitude of stories about his patent inability to “handle” this United squad (the amount of gripes and leaks we’ve heard never would happened under Fergie).

            Facts are facts.

            This is a moderately successful British manager who is now way over his head. United is a top club and needs a top manager. Or do you seriously believe Moyes is in the same league as the top men around the world? Who else but an English club would hire this man?

          3. Never gonna get behind Moyes.

            Thanks to his poor tactics, his treatment of Zaha and Kagawa and his general dithering, I will never get behind Moyes.

            And I think I’m pretty sane.

            The truth is this is as good as it gets under Moyes.

            Even if after everything has fallen apart (mass player exodus and Moyes gets his 100million to rebuild) Moyes is never going to be beating Brendan Rogers, Jose Mourinho or Manuell Pellegrini on the regular.

            Even after this disaster settles down 4th place and rubbish one dimensional football is all we can expect from Moyes.

            So please do me a favour. . .

            Moyes Out!!!

          4. And I’m not talking about 4th place this season. I’m talk about 4th place next season and every other season there after that Moyes is incharge.

            He is not an elite manager.

            He does not play an exciting brand of football.

            Why anyone would want to perservere with someone like David Moyes is beyond my limited understanding.

          5. I agree…4th place is not a given even for next season under Moyes. I was one of those people saying Moyes deserves a chance until at least the end of the season, but then that one-dimensional tactics against a lowly team like Fulham has completely made me realize this is not the guy to take us forward when we play the likes of City/Chelsea or Barca/Real (if we get to the CL in the near future). We can blame the players all we want but ultimately, his total lack of tactical nous, which has led us to this situation is there for all to see.

          6. Great manager, great eye for players . . But poor tactics! He has no way of attacking teams and scoring goals and I think it all boils down to his relationship with players. He was to comfortable with his 7th and 8th position at Everton . . This is Man united we talking about! If there’s anybody to blame it has to be Fergie . . Moyes needs time, in football there is no longer time available, big teams have to fire. He has great players at united but his combinations are pathetic! Why would you play Jones central with Carrick when you have Kagawa?

          7. I would respect him if he had the balls to home is hand up and say ‘ok I am not up to the task,sorry for all the embarrassment I have caused,Goodbye

  3. There is only one name LUIS VAN GAAL.
    Why the hell did you not mention him!
    Dutch, can get best out of Robin, can buy us Sneijder and bunch of young Dutch guns.
    Most of all – will reshape the club top to bottom and will not tolerate complacency.
    And finally, will hed rid of these lazy overpaid hoofballers without so much as a blink!
    We need tyrany, now

  4. The highest mistake we as a club ever made was never bringing in mourinho people say he brings baggage and problems? Bollocks he is just like fergie. People forget the trouble fergie got himself into by slagging of refs refusing to talk to media playing mind games etc. Mourinho would of made us champions but hes gone so for mi r season is fucked anyway so i would c if we can bring in klopp from Dortmund finish the season of and let him spend the 100 or so million on the right players

    1. Of all the names mentioned, Jurgen klopp will be the perfect replacement. I love his charisma and tactical play. He brings out the best in his players just like mourinho. Moyes is as bad and stinks like shit. I’ve never liked his playing style.

  5. We need Meulensen,Phelen and Gary Neville.The team is overtrained by Moyes Methods.They are heavy footed. Everton are far better since Moyes left.Moyes cannot prepare a team.He has undermined Evra and Rafael,by searching for new full backs.He preferred Young and Nani to Alex’s signing ‘Zaha”….He has undermined Rio and Vidic.Do not forget he dropped Evans for 5/6 games at the start……anyway Arsenal and Crystal Palace next………He has no confidence and no idea…..He has never won anything and never will………We also now find out that he tried to sign Sneijder and Strootman in January….two players he passed on in the summer…….So Moyes do you find it hard to make your mind up….will ‘Yes and no’……Hiddink will do to the end of the Year… least he has beaten top teams….Moyes never has….

  6. Michael Laudrup is also available. Plays the kind of football we want to see and the players would respect him. Maybe not long term but on an interim basis.

    1. If you think Laudrup plays the kind of football we want to see, you haven’t been watching Swansea City this season. Laudrup has done a ‘Moyes’ there, and the Swans were smart enough to get rid of him.

      Deciding, foolishly, to focus on the Europa League, when there was never any real chance of winning it, Laudrup blew the large sums (by Swansea’s standards) given him on more of what he already had: short, slight, and slow players. Going for quantity rather than quality, he deepened the squad, but did not improve the first XI at all. Bony was a good buy, but bringing in and persisting with Shelvey was a huge mistake; he is their Fellaini.

      Under Laudrup with Shelvey in midfield, the Swans often played a similar style of ‘hoofball’ to United. Also, like United, Swansea City were only threatening on the counter and had no idea how to break down a defense that had parked the bus.

      No, I don’t think Laudrup’s the man for United.

  7. Ryan Giggs will be the best of the lot. Players will go to the wall for him. All this teams needs is respected and respectful leadership which DM doesn’t have and couldn’t deliver. Wrong man for the job from Day 1.

  8. Moyes is simply not good enough for United.

    During the game vs Fulham United kept raining high crosses. It didn’t work because Fulham’s defenders are much taller than United’s forwards.
    Unfortunately, United kept doing the same thing hoping for a different result.

    Moyes as the manager should have instructed his players to alter their attack, maybe mix high and low cross or pullback cross.

    Yet he just sat there doing nothing until very late when he replaced that useless Young.

    Smallings was awful like Young.

    Can’t see United progressing with Moyes.

    It’s a fact that he is just not good enough for United.

  9. Anyone who could make us more than the sum of our parts again would do. Under Moyes, we’ve splintered into a bunch of clueless also-rans. Every week it’s like a watching a team playing together for the first time — no cohesion, no momentum, no passion, nothing to build on, and no way forward. Just for that — never mind the results — Moyes is SOOO PATENTLY OBVIOUSLY not the man for the job.

  10. Hiddink would be the best short term till the end of the season. Giggs as an assistant with a view to taking over in the Summer. Giggs to bring in top coaches as assistants later.

  11. Kenndy Nzeakor, Moyes pattern of play does not fits in United, He doesn`t read games, no tactics, or tecnichal play, Mr Moyes get back our former coach he is far better than you, Rene Muelestine, Phelen.

  12. It’s over.

    After today, no one can seriously talk about Moyes being the answer? He had Hernandez, Rooney, VP, Mata and Januzai all on the pitch and he was still hoofing it Into the box.

    This is Victorian nonsense football.

    The man is clueless.

  13. Why did the chicken CROSS the road ?
    Because Moyes is a bad bad farmer !
    I dont get the whole brainless perspective?
    See how Holtby stops,sees and passes ? Why couldnt united just do that ????
    Why the rush, why the crosses against Godzilla defenders?

  14. Well, after all said and done we have to rally round the team. I think the defeat was more a problem from defending, I thought bringing in Valencia for Rafael was a mistake. It should have been a full back tackling Richardson not a center back. Were was Valencia?

  15. Moyes i just a coward
    sir alex just point him deu to selfish interest but he did not deserve to coach man utd so fuck him opp and bring klopp or

  16. People forgot KAGAWA in Moyes era, now its time for MATA to walk down the same fate….

    All thought KAGAWA lost touch, never doubted Moyes ‘s ability to utilise Kagawa to the fullest. And now Moyes’s is doing the same treatment to MATA.

    Is MATA the new KAGAWA at MAN UTD?

  17. Oh n yeah, wtf is with all the non-worldclass coaches. Men my team has gone below mediocre. I cry everyday(exaggerating)…lols. But lets b serz,we need sm1 that is a champion, that knows what a trophy is, even if its d st johnstone paint trophy, not sm1 with no trophy n no transfer funds, finishing 7th-10th all year long(haha,just realised,thats exactly what we have become…everton united),sm1who uses scouts well, understands world class purchases and all, nt jus returning to his old team to pick mediocre players.

  18. what a manager, a man with history without record. how can you buy a car when you don’t know how to use it. if you don’t know how to buy and use players, then how can you stand the pressure or win a game. i blem sir alex for everything. utd need a manager with history and record, a man with vission not moyes. utd can sale moyes and add the money in buying more players…

  19. There is a theory in management called ‘ the peter principle’
    It goes like this.
    People are promoted based on how the are performing in their current position rather than those with a proven ability at the intended role.
    This happens until people reach their ‘ level of incompetence ‘.

    As a someone who studied management intently Alex Ferguson should have been mindful of this principle when he suggested David moyes as manager.
    For moyes has clearly reached his level of incompetence

    1. Gone way beyond. Normally to get promoted you must have done something of merit, which is in this clowns case not apparent

  20. David moyes is ruining our club i could expect a rebuilding season or two if it looked like we had some direction but the only one we have is backwards the team just don’t seem to respond to him and i don’t blame them we have world class attack and there asked to just bomb in crosses even i or any other Utd fan could prob do better i would love to see blanc back as he is doing well and knows our history and would give his all if not him the Ryan giggs and Gary Neville would be a dream team the only gd thing about this season is it shows who the true Utd fan is all the ones that are hurting week in week out and all the glory fans have gone

  21. Does it matter who we get apart from returning to Ferguson.
    Giggs is a non starter He should be loaned out like an inexperienced player to learn his trade for 2 years. see how he does.
    Also if he has the self delusion that he should be still playing he obviously has the same football brain as the clown presently in charge.
    Mind you looking at Phil Neville on the bench looking like an extra from the 1970s movie Deliverance gives me hope that I might be approached.
    Ferguson dropped us in it big style. The disgusting part is that he knew exactly what he was doing.
    Anything involving the reptilian owners and Ferguson ,to me, always has a bad smell.
    From the swift resignation to the appointment of King Moydas (Everything he touches turns to crap) seemedvery very strange.

  22. I really feel that some very things have been happening at our club regarding the reptiles and Ferguson. I am delighted to inform everybody that I have worked it out!!
    Please please please beg,steal or borrow a copy of the fantastic Mel Brookes film The Producers and substitute the characters.

    1. I so agree mate

      Van Gaal has no reason to feel for players, staff and so called united-shite-way.
      He will get the job done, properly.
      Hes one of first managers to develop 451 system with one striker, played that way with Ajax and Barca.

      Moreover he has the name and credibity to attract players, which is essential now as we need 6 new faces in the team

  23. Fergie has a lot to answer for, every man and his dog have known we have needed ‘big name’ midfielders for the last 3 or more years -nothing has been done, ditto other areas in the team. As for the fuckin Glazers they have the lowest spend of any of the top premier clubs and have simply not investerd in QUALITY players. Its come home to roost big time and the management have only themselves to blame – sorry lads it will get much worse before it gets better and will take time !!!!

    1. RVP, Mata, DeGea, Powell, Kagawa, Zaha, Jone, Chicarito, Tevez, Beratov, Rafael, Carrick, Evra, Vidic,

      Throw in Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves, Valencia etc.
      The suggestion that there has been no investment in the team is clearly untrue.
      There hasnt been investment in a top midfielder but I suspect the club thought, naively, that Pogba would hang around or that Anderson/hargreaves would not be the flop they turned out to be.
      I am not defending the Glazers in any way. Far from it.
      I just think the argument that there is not enough quality in the squad is a weak one.
      Also, Fergie. Why would he see a need to invest in wholesale changes when those same players romped to the league title last season.

      If David Moyes cannot motivate those players and cannot come up with a better tactic than ‘get it wide and whip it in’ then the current malaise lies squarely at his door. (IMO)

  24. Even the ones who were behind Moyes have no more reason to feel hopeful seeing Moyes’ complete lack of tactical nous against a team that lies at the bottom of the PL table. Now, fans have no option but to question Sir Alex’s decision to hand over the reigns of the biggest club in the world to his fellow countryman despite Moyes’ complete lack of pedigree at the highest echelons of the football world.

    After we finish 6th (if we are lucky) or 7th this season, ManUtd will find it extremely difficult to strengthen the squad that is in complete disarray in midfield and defence, only because no world-class player will want to move to a club not playing in the CL or play for a manager with limited tactical nous and so, the club might eventually end up paying inflated salary levels. Even that will not guarantee a swift return to Champions League unless Moyes suddenly develops a tactical mind that he has not really demonstrated for over 10 years as a manager of Everton, where he failed to beat a top club away from home.

  25. The important points that were completely overlooked in the decision to appoint Moyes over other better candidates:

    1.) He has never won a trophy as a manager
    2.) He has not beaten a single top club away from home
    3.) He has not brought too many youth players into the first team who developed into a world class player. Rooney was an exception. Moyes never gave Barkley too many chances until Martinez did that this season.
    4.) With much respect to Everton, he has never managed a top club or even been a player at a top club
    5.) He has not really demonstrated tactical nous and that shows his winless streak in away matches against top clubs.
    6.) Never managed any worldclass player before
    7.) As in any job, there should have been a formal interview and other top candidates should have at least been considered. Did anyone ask Moyes’ plans or visions for the club?

    1. Well said.

      Moyes was just called to Fergies house and had the job foisted upon him.

      He wasn’t even asked if he wants it.

      Fergie just told him “You’re the new United manager”

      No discussion at all.

  26. Get rid of Moyes now, and bring in Ince, Giggs, Gary Neville, Roy Keane, Scholesy, rehire Phelan.

    Such a team of coaches, working under Roy Keane (just to stick it to Sir Alex) woul see off the season and start fresh next year.
    If we cant have managerial superstar, ot doeasnt mean we have to settle for less.

    I believe the experience between these men, bleeding red, will be enough of an incentive for other players to come in and play the REAL UNITED WAY, not rhe moyes-crossdross-shite.

    If we cant get Guardiola, wwhy not breed one out of massive experience and grit from our loyal Servants.

    Sir Alex did his job but it was the Class of 92 that carried our club on the pitch.

    Throughout the years as I loock back, I hate to admit but Sir Alex, did horrible things tranferwise. With the exception of Ronaldo, Schmeichel, Van der Saar, Jaap and Ruud, maybe Jones – other tranfer targets sucked balls!!

    Hargreaves? Veron? Djembax2? Blomqvist? Taibi:) Nosnich? Barthez? Kleberson? Nani? Young? Valencia?
    All the above came in and left in shame, while the core remained the same since the 90s
    We could have done so much better with the money we had, so so much better.

    We should have build our team around Ronaldo when we had him, persuade the boy to stay and become a legend. We were the kings of life back in 2008.
    We are the buying club, always has been – so why the fuck do we sell our best asset for pennies?
    This is why we are where we are now.

    It cod have been beautiful without nani, young amd valencia in the team

  27. Before people back Moyes and complain about his detractors they should differentiate between the two arguments against him.

    Argument 1
    It is his fault

    Argument 2
    He is not up to the job

    I disagree will 1 and 100 percent agree with 2
    Lets have a Good Look at the facts
    1. Every single player has regressed since his arrival
    Some due to age
    Giggs(should have gone 3 years ago)

    Some due to injuries

    Some because they have had years of covering for dross in midfield
    Even the absolute dross that he inherited from Ferguson
    Nani-Even he wasn’t,t crap enough to be booed off when subbed by Ferguson
    Cleverly-reminds me of the guy who turned up at Southampton saying he was George Weah,s cousin only to come on as sub and being subbed himself after 10 mins.Turned out he was a baker or something. TC23 has no bottle or talent. He looks terrified as though he has been found out and knows himself that he shouldn’t be playing

    Young-takes a special talent to make him worse but Moyes has managed it.

    Valencia-see Young only Moyes for some reason thinks he can play FB.!!!He can’t even play in his ‘real position’

    Raphael-never seen a player get in so many killer positions and screw it up. Gives an unbelievable amount of dangerous free kicks away due to being brain dead

    Smalling and Evans-I could write for hours about these 2 useless brainless cretins. This must be the most stupid combination since the Chuckle Bros. Go to sleep so often they make Rip Van WInkle look like a beginner. Distribution appalling coupled with Smallings imitation of Raphael in giving stupid free kicks away and Evans hilarious habit of bringing the ball out of defense on a 30 yard run then stopping and passing it 5 yards sidewards. If people think these 2 have a future at OT then you deserve to be taken for a ride by parasite Malc

    Buttner-how is it possible to make him worse????

    Jones-he is the mate you had at school who you dare to put his head on the railway lines and then asks which line. Total knuckledragger but with a huge heart. Moyes will be playing on the wing next.Feel sorry for him

    Wellbeck-why doesn’t Moyes get him to practice his first touch and how to finish.Has a first touch that would be better suited to a curling stone than a football

    Chicaito-still doesn’t,t know about the offside rule.Seems a completely alien concept to him.Makes Wellbecks first touch look like Messi,s

    Rooney-I can,t read him. Has he improved or not.Is he playing for a nice lucrative contract or to spite Ferguson

    I would love to hear Moyes tactical talk to RVP
    ‘Right Robin these muppets job is to cross and all you have to do is get on the end of it’
    He must be very impressed

    As I stated before I have never seen a thicker bunch of players in all my life. What was Ferguson thinking off???

    Couple this with the sight of the back room gurus sitting like the three monkeys on the bench frozen by chronic ineptitude. Phil Neville with the formless look of something that has escaped from Sea World

    As the two guys said on last weeks excellent podcast, football is small beans financially in the big wide world. It is however in Uniteds case a multibillion dollar operation. The most important revenue driver being success on the pitch. Do people honestly think that the Glazers are going to put up with this guy Moyes as the vital cog for much longer. Do people think the sponsors are overjoyed that they have committed multi millions to the sponsorship of a team containing Evans,Smalling,Cleverley,dross etc.

    One signing in the transfer window tells its own story
    Keep fans quiet without committing to Moyes and wasting money on the likes of the likes of Fellaini( where is the useless bastard by the way??.)

    Before anybody starts on my lack of support through thick and thin I went to my first game in 1961 and have seen dross before. The difference is this time round it could have all been avoided and that really makes me angry.
    I do not know what Ferguson was thinking and I certainly wouldn’t trust the parasitic owners.

    I am glad I have got that off my chest!!!!

    1. manu need to new structure like barcelona where fans have say on who President is and the President has to deliver or be replaced.Institutions like man u should be controlled by fans and then this farce of management being chosen in upstairs room will not occur.

      The question here os not whether moyes should be replaced. The question is why such an obvious mistake occurred.Unless the system of choosing is done properly then we could be in second division like last time.

  28. We should ask Moyes to leave, pay him his 30m or whatever and seeing as there is nobody really capable of taking over right now, appoint Gary Neville, Phil and Ryan Giggs to jointly manage the team – a bit like Fulham but with responsibility more evenly spread. Giggs can be in charge of coaching, Gary can be in charge of public relations and do all the interviews and Phil can select the team each week and lead them out at Wembley for the various Cup Finals we are likely to be involved in. That should do the trick!

    1. This has got to be a windup. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world and it needs a huge personality. Ferguson had one Van Gaal, Hiddink, Capello, Heynkes and Mourinho all have one. Moynes is third division in the huge personality league. The 3 you mention need to go to smaller clubs to learn their trade.In gormless Phil’s case it could take decades ,he would need to stop licking windows first.
      Look at him on the bench with the body language of a retarded 5 year old waiting on the pub steps for his bag of crisps and lemonade.Absolutely shameful and people wonder why ABUs are laughing at us!!!

  29. As long as SAF is at United there is no way United will sack off Moyes anytime soon. Talking about replacements the best candidates were Pep and Moo but are unavailable now. Perhaps Woodward could go to Dortmund on bended knee and bring in Klopp. Rene and Queiroz as assistants would be a dream team. Then they could hopefully bring in Reus and Gundogan or is that wishful thinking? Lol.

  30. Conte has to be near the top of the list for me. Ticks all the boxes. SAF is a known admirer, has succeeded at a top club, regarded as a great leader who his players love to play for, doesn’t get along with Juve board, has said he wants to manage in England one day. He might even bring his midfield!

  31. MU should appoint Giggs as manager. he will be backed by the 92 class of graduate like Gary, Scholes, Bekham, Butt and Phil. Imagine the kind of respect Giggs and co would obtain from the playing staff especially with new batch of recruitment coming in next season. Moyes biggest problem is not about tactical,injuries or signings. moyes biggest problem is he didnt get the respect he needs to run the manager’s job at MU. Historically, MU success was built within respect where no players is bigger than the club. just ask Ince, Stamp, Bekham and Keane, if dont believe me.

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