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Manchester United’s 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool on Sunday was the 12th in all competitions this season under new manager David Moyes. There have been 10 defeats in the Premier League alone, leaving United on just 48 points – some 16 behind the same stage last season.

It is a run that leaves United out of the FA and Capital One cups, seventh in the Premier League, with little prospect of claiming a Champions League spot next season, and on the precipice of exiting European competition to Olympiakos. In short it t has been a season of almost unmitigated disaster.

Worse, United’s style of play has deteriorated to such an extent that Moyes’ side is almost entirely predictable – from team selection, to a succession of aimless crosses delivered without variety. It is probably the most turgid brand of United football since the late 1970s, with little blueprint for a return to success evident.

Yet, there have been positives, not least Adnan Januzaj’s introduction to the first team, while playmaker Juan Mata should become a world-class addition to United’s midfield. Moreover, this remains Sir Alex Ferguson’s team – and an ageing one at that. Supporters of the new manager maintain that Moyes needs time to build a side in his own image.

Moyes also retains significant support, both in the dressing room and in the boardroom. Ed Woodward, Bobby Charlton, Ferguson and the Glazer family are reportedly unwilling to countenance dismissing the 50-year-old Scot.

But the court of public opinion still counts, and United supporters will dictate the atmosphere in which Moyes operates, if not create pressure for change.

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    1. This job is too big for David moyes. Man Utd are supposed to be one of the biggest clubs in the world and he is dragging us down and plus we have dropped far too many points this season.

      1. I would even settle for clip klopp or even ee yore ,couldn’t be any worse than the numpty in charge at present.

  1. To me david moyes is not the best suits for manchester united, firstly he has broke so many record we are preserving for over 20 years. He does not know how to manage a player, which means that he is not a complete manager.

  2. I couldn’t believe it when he was chosen over José Mourinho. It never made any sense – not then and much less now.

    What was sad was that ‘Moyes fans’ – who soon turned into ‘Moyes apologists’ as the season wore on – were still banging the drum that United had made the right decision. Even sadder was that respected people in the media were saying this.

    If United persevere with this mistake by thinking that a transfer window (or God forbid, two), and the throwing of hundreds millions of pounds at the “problem” will fix everything, are deluding themselves and will ensure years of mediocrity and the club languishing in the wilderness.

  3. David Moyes should remain in power. Ferguson has never been wrong about anything. If you need any proof just look at Eric Djemba Djemba.

    1. Just look at Paul pogba, he has to be fergies other mistake, but we can’t let that mistake called moyes carry on any longer.

      1. Pogba is not saf fault ok, if u don’t know anything about that story of pogba just short up and keep ready man united news young man was becoming stubborn asking saf to play him by force, no player is bigger than a club or a coach , at that time we ve the great paul schools, daren fletcher and micheal carrick , with great experience than him then, if rot vanistory , david becks can leave and saf still when ahead and win so many good trophy who is pogba

    2. I would like to have some of what you’re smoking. You must be an expert on (beach) fiotball

  4. i was supporting moyes all the way but i changed my mined !

    if we did a mistake we better correct the situation and there is no sham about it

    i dont really see the glazers can trust david moyes with a 100 milion to make a rebilding in the club

    he is out of tactics and he cant manage the situation and he cant deal with the players and he is always out of sulotions and always give the wrong answers and statments ti the media

    he said that liverpool are faviorate for the game !!! and after the game he said that its hard to manage man united also he said before that the players are mentaly soft !!! do you beleive that ?! manchester united players are mentaly soft ???!!! thats rubbish !!!

    if i know something about manage a football team is that you deal with your current group of players and he didnt do that… you have a team that won the pl last season with 11 pionts above city so i can accept that we comming 3rd this season after a little bit compotition but from chamions to 7th in one season after ????!!!!! thats crazy

    why you play mata as a winger while you can play him as #10 and rooney on the left side??? what a weak personality with moyes as he didnt handle rvp situation after he talked to the press after the greek defeat

    i think they have to sack him after the season ending and appiont someone who have a very good cv like van gal or klopp or simeoni or capello someone can give a results and can deal with the players tuffly and know how to win and a name that every player in this world want to play for him

    we are manchester united not a normal club who need a normal manager so bring someone who is big and great for such a big and great club

    bring someone who can really handle the presure of managing a big club and a big games with high standars not one says we are desperet to win the game over fulham at oldtrafford

    i am a united fan since 1988 when i was 7 years old and i have a membership and will always stand by my club even if moyes continue but for the love to my club i want the best

    just sack him please and bring someone can do much better 🙁

  5. This question need no reply, Moyes did everything wrong how can Mata play on that position and leave Valencia on the bench also when he acts hr acts wrong sterling is fast he puts Mata on that part of that field and not the fastast person he has , replaces wrong 2-0 down and still keeps same players Januzaj was out all the time , and he keeps him, he should have put valencia because they play well together . We cant believe a person who nobody believes even Liverpool fans said Moyes you are jenious . From champs to nobody same players.

  6. Mummy please tell the nasty man to stop it.
    Just ignore him son,he will go hang round the Sunday league teams , he might be good at managing a pub team (but then again, HE WONT REALLY be good enough to manage that,
    Ah well mummy give him that £1.50 for a big issue and run away, he stinks.

  7. Moyes needs to go and bring in van gals with de boar his number two once van gals finnidhes we have de boar to succeed, moyes is out of his depth, plays mata out of position, rvp clearly dodsnt play for moyes, he’s lost the dressing room with giggs walking away lots cos moyes doesn’t listen, it’s his way or no way, took fergie 27 years to break every record for moyes to ruin it in less the a year….. Get rid

  8. I don’t want to see any manager fail but this job was far to big for david moyes, I blame fergie for putting him in this position

  9. I said ‘No’ for the simple reason that he’s getting results away from home. Away form is better than Chelsea, City and Liverpool.

    Until we completely understand why things are so bad at home there’s no point bringing anyone else in.
    It’s not feasible to have a complete clear-out in the summer, so a lot of problems need to be sorted without resorting to the cheque book. It doesn’t make sense that Moyes is the only problem if away results (not performances) aren’t too bad.

    1. Away
      Chelsea 1-3
      Clampetts 1-4
      Arsenal 0-0
      Victims 0-1

      Points 1 from 12
      GD 2-8

      Obviously must stay, why not extend his contract?
      Where do these people come from??

      1. Exactly my sentiment. As seen in the media Moyes has become a sort of collective banner, for a failing British society to hide behind, and say we are still great at doing things, while deep down they know that it is no longer true in almost any aspects of modern life.

        But unfortunately when time comes for you to face it, you will realize everything is awful and no repetitive recounting of history, will make you amount to shit NOW.

  10. Yes he should be sacked now.He is not a coach for big teams.Ferguson chose him because he is his countryman.All my respect for Fergie has gone to zero.pls Glaziers Family sack this ‘football genius’now before he take Man u into relegation.see how Everton dat he left is doing well.who says he is new to the team?Has he not been in premier league for years now.wot brender rodgers who got to Liverpool nd immediately created an impact.shame to david Moyes?He is disgusting

  11. I just wish the board would grow a pair and sack the fool. I cant believe our decline although i didn’t for one minute think we would finish in the top 4. Why would we with a man who hasn’t won a thing and a man who hasn’t the first clue about how to play bright and inventive football. Negative tactics and i also believe the players are not behind him…Go NOW Moyes

  12. This is “Speak Your Mind” but I would first like to speak my heart: Moyes you broke it with your incompetence, defeatist attitude and antiquated concept of modern football. Speaking my mind: any one who knows anything about football could not rationally explain why you’re still United’s manager. This means that the reasons are political: not embarrassing SAF ? Share price falling down? None are good enough for United fans. The business can never be greater than the game- Moyes out!

  13. David Moyes should stay i think.





  14. I voted Yes by the way. I cannae hide the fact anymore that I made a terrible mistake. He’s a disgrace to the fighting spirit of Glasgow. Rest assured that the Club is taking steps to replace him. I’ve already sent Giggsy a wee mission to stir up an internal revolt. Next, I’ll inform Cathy that I’m coming back to work (think she’ll be pleased to hear that to be honest). The old backroom staff are assembled and ready to take over. We’re just waitng for Ed to finalise the termination details, but trying to get that nipper to concentrate on an important task is proving nay impossible. To the fans, we’ll be back no question o that.

    P.s. Please remove that Chosen One banner, it gives me a wee cringe every time I look at it.

    1. Good point
      Burn that Feckin’ Banner

      How embarrassing, its turning us into a laughing stock and Moyes doesn’t need any help in that mission. He is managing it very well by himself. About the only thing he is managing well.

  15. One of the worst fear I have is that if he stays next season he will spend 100 million on rubbish players, and that will lead to man utd ‘s situation like Liverpool, who kept on struggling to finish in the top 4 for seasons.

    please sack him and bring someone useful.

  16. He’s got to go. Win or lose, United play with swagger. Moyes doesn’t know what that means.

  17. The only sympathy I have for David Moyes is that he was appointed to this job, a job that’s hard to resist but probably the most challenging in football world. He didn’t applied, “auditioned” for it. He was “chosen” as many of Utd fans have now realized what an utter farce the poster looks like. All the anger and disappointment towards him and yet no one dares to question SAF’s decision to appoint him and whether he is to blame, even a little bit, for appointing such ill-prepared and under-qualified manager as David Moyes. Moyes is largely at fault for all the swift changes that play a huge role in United’s demise this season. But to think that all the blame falls on just a single person is a bit harsh…The majority of players sure as hell show no guts, passion or professionalism albeit with such poor management…I don’t see Chelsea crumble when AVB was fired and Di Matteo became interim…I don’t see City crumble when Mancini left…The players might not be playing for the manager, but they should be trying their best to play for the fans, for the club, for the crest on their chest…but none of them seem to man up, let alone the whole team as a unit…

    1. No one expects this from Moyes, we all thought he was the right man for the job but now its up to the board to make the decision soon rather than later.

      1. Who thought he was the right man???
        You should look up the word in the dictionary

        1. Apologies you didn’t say ‘everybody’ you said ‘we all’
          Instructions are the same
          Are you ‘all’ recovering from some sort of mental malfunction?

  18. I was hoping United will get better under Moyes after every game but not to be. I had enough of Moyes and I don’t see much difference. I think the board will make a good decision soon rather than waiting till the end of the season and to make things worse.

  19. A manager from a Tesco store with performance figures like this would be sacked instantly ! So why is this idiot still employed at the greatist football club in the world? Am I missing something here ?

  20. Would be madness to sack him before they have his successor in place. Giggs as interim manager? Thats just another gamble. Moyes was appointed because he´s Scottish it seems, and the appointment of Giggs would be based on his skills as a player. I know he´s educated and everything, but haven’t got any experience.

    1. No. Our season is over. Well hopefully we can get 6th – Eurpoa is still good for the club even though we grumble.

      So literally the best we can hope for is a CL quarter exit and 6th spot in the Prem.

      If there’s somebody lined up, who is available, get them in now to assess the team, the damage…

    2. And his appointment wasn’t madness???
      A dog turd in charge until the end of the season would be seen as a damage limitation exercise

  21. Please read I think the club are starting to leak info.
    Muslims,Hindus, Christians, Jews, Humanists and and any other believers pray this is true (Taken from ESPN this morning.
    Key Manchester United boardroom figures have now turned against David Moyes, as the prospect of the manager getting sacked has been properly raised for the first time, club sources have told ESPN FC.

    David Moyes’ job hangs in the balance after revelations that United’s owners, the Glazers, are now open to the idea of a change of manager.
    The Glazer family owners are now more open to the idea of a change of manager, although they presently remain behind Moyes, but the next week could prove decisive, sources said. Over that time, United must overturn a 2-0 deficit in the Champions League against Olympiakos, before facing an awkward trip to West Ham United and then a potentially daunting second derby of the season against Manchester City.

    While qualification for the quarterfinals of the Champions League would be seen as a huge positive and possibly change the entire dynamic of his job, an elimination followed by poor performances in the two games after that could well bring the pressure to breaking point. The Glazers are said to have become very “nervous” about the nature of recent performances, let alone the results, with a nadir coming in the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool. Some United officials now openly maintain that a managerial change is needed.

    Old Trafford sources also state it has been noted that Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer so vocally backing Moyes at boardroom level, although the former manager is not said to have turned against his replacement. It is also believed Moyes retains the backing of Sir Bobby Charlton.

    Doubt, however, has increased at virtually every level of the club. Despite the poverty of recent performances, sources state that one of the most influential factors now has been financial concerns. A number of recently signed-up sponsors and commercial partners have reportedly let it be known to the club that they are less than enthused with now being linked to failure, especially since they specifically came on board because of the reputation for extreme success.

    This is said to have most unnerved the hierarchy, and long-term damage to United as a “brand” could be the clinching point in any decision. While the club have long planned for a season out of the Champions League — and that was known to be one initial reason behind the previously unwavering support for Moyes — any extra negative effect on commercial revenue would be viewed with utmost seriousness.

    Sources also state Louis van Gaal would be interested in a potential summer move to Old Trafford, and that the Dutch coach is a little less intent on the Tottenham Hotspur job than he was a few weeks ago. Spurs had felt that Van Gaal’s appointment after the World Cup was virtually certain, but it is now more open-ended.

  22. Sack him, and let Giggsy finish out the season. Then get a suitable manager (Klopp please!) and start the rebuilding process. Moyes is out of his depth.

  23. Now doesn’t serve much purpose. Give him to the end of the season and that will give him enough rope. Klopp would the best man short and long term, Van Gaal a good short term bet.

    1. So what you are trying to say is if a scientist is trying to solve the mystery of the big bang theory and then gives up to be replaced by a moron, who knows nothing about any theory, it would make no sense to sack the moron and replace him with another scientist.
      Yes, I understand you are an imbecile.
      Also explain ‘kiss goodbye to such an incredible history’
      Keep taking the pills

        1. Please take your time and read this condescending, holier -than-though, supercilious dross. Who are these people? are they from a parallel universe?

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